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Sample Reading

Very balanced, lots of cards circling the center of the reading. One main influence card (The Sun). Two cards of underlying issues (Justice and The Devil), and a pair of cards to either side of the center. There is a lot surrounding the issue, but none of them in opposition to it, or conflicting.

Cards in the center of the reading- the heart of the matter...
The Tower, covered by the Magician and the Lovers. A very big upheaval, something serious and profound. A real shift in the way things are, the old status quo is overcome. Sometimes, this is a negative thing, but given the cards over it, I don't see this as negative. The presence of the Magician indicates to me that you have control over the upheaval, that it was manifested by you, as opposed to happening *to* you. And the point is definitely relationships. The Lovers is in a very central position- the upheaval may touch other areas of your life, but it will most clearly affect the area of relationships, specifically love relationships. You do need to stay mindful of the transition- be aware of what you are manifesting and be very clear about what you want, because what grows up in place of the collapsed "old way" is very directly under your control (again, that Magician).

Cards at the bottom- underlying influences...
Justice, and the Devil. Basically, malign influences, things that were forcing you down a path that was not the right one for you. Something that felt righteous (to you, to others involved) but was, in fact, manipulative and dangerous. Things that tempted you that weren't in your best interest.

Cards on the top- outside influences, things that are moving you forward...
The World on the left, The Sun in the middle, The Moon on the right. This is an interesting celestial trinity; you don't often get these three playing together. I think the point here is that what you did with the upheaval (the Tower) and the way you did it, were in harmony with what was Meant To Be. The timing was right, the mood was right, the universe was very receptive to your movement. The World suggests that you will get what you are looking for (another reason to be very sure of what you are looking for/want), the Sun says that your venture will be blessed as long as your mind is right, and the Moon is probably a warning to listen to your intuition, a very important thing in this situation. If anything feels wrong or off the path... stop immediately!

To the right- other outside influences...
The High Priest and the Fool- I'm going to say that this is an admonishment to avoid extremes in the kind of people you are interested in for relationships- don't choose the entirely cerebral, wholly of the mind guy, or the here and now and nothing else matters guy. Balance is what is being highlighted here- don't pick an extreme. Leave your options open, and know what you're getting into.

To the left- even more outside influences...
The High Priestess and Rejuvenation- this is fairly straightforward, I think- the High Priestess is your card, so this marks a really fundamental shift in the way that you are moving forward. A rebuild on nearly a cellular level, where every experience is (or should be) looked at with a new viewpoint, "fresh eyes". If you find yourself slipping into old patterns, stop immediately and re-orient. You need to keep the perspective new for a number of reasons, most of all, to keep any energy drains from re-attaching.

Rejected card... (bottom of the deck)...
The Chariot. I'm surprised this is rejected, but maybe it is a hint NOT to hold yourself back, not to keep too firm a grip on the reins. Perhaps the idea here is to let the horses run out a bit (they've been held back so long) and just have some fun with it! Seems reasonable to me!