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7 - The Chariot

This card depicts a charioteer, in his chariot, with two beasts ready to draw it forward. Often, there is a city behind him, and a starry banner or cloth above him. He wears armor of some sort, and often the chariot is hitched to one black and one white animal. He can have various decorations on the chariot, including a winged shield. The Charioteer appears resolute and determined; nothing will stand in his way.

The Chariot can be difficult to read, because it can indicate two sides of a situation. You may be blocked and unable to move forward, or the path may be clear. You may have a choice to make, or you may stand resolved and know your path. The Chariot suggests motion, but it is shown in stillness. The Chariot implies a battle, struggle or conflict, but also a victory over obstacles. Depending on the cards surrounding the Chariot, you might need to proceed with confidence, or to check and be sure it is your hands on the reins. It may be a suggestion to check your motivations, or to find inspiration before proceeding. It is certainly a card that advises that you proceed forward confidently, and determinedly, once you have figured out the right action for yourself. The Chariot in a reading probably means there are a lot of contradictions or obstacles to be overcome, human, situational, or from within. Once your hands are on the reins, though, all can proceed as it should.

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