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6 - The Lovers

The Lovers card usually depicts a male and female, in close proximity. Some decks place another figure between them- an angel, cupid or other messenger of love. In the Rider Waite deck, the angel is Raphael, emblematic of Mercury, with the male and female symbolizing Gemini, the twins. Many decks have a plant or tree, some even show the "Tree of Life" complete with apples and a snake. Earlier versions of the Lovers card was called "Love" or "Amorous Ones", and some even depicted a man with two women- a choice between two options.

Reading the Lovers is tricky, because people tend to want to believe that this card depicts finding, keeping, or renewing, romantic love. However, it tends to stand more for options, choices, and making the decision that will result in happiness rather than distress. It can also indicate something that you connect, resonate or are in harmony with, like a job or life situation. You might be attracted to something (or someone) that is challenging or even scary and the Lovers card, depending on placement, may indicate that, regardless of the fear, this is the best choice for you (or conversely, that your fear is reasonable, and this is not your best option).

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