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4 - The Emperor

The Emperor is a somber and powerful looking man, seated on a throne. He is usually depicted holding a scepter, and wearing at least some armor and/or kingly garb. In many versions, the throne is decorated with rams or rams horns, relating the card to Aries, the Ram, ruled by Mars. Clearly, he is lover/mate to the Empress (Venus), the "All Father" or leader; where the Empress provides nurturing, the Emperor provides structure and order.

The Emperor is the card of male energy, and can indicate either a need to approach a situation from a more stereotypically "male" perspective (more logic, less emotion), or to give more voice to the "male" (Yang) side of the personality. It can also represent a father figure, or a strong male authority in the querentís life, or potentially a mate/partner. The Emperor can also indicate that the querent might want to consider the state of their affairs, things that they have dominion over, and ponder if they are using their power in this area in positive or negative ways. The uses and abuses of power are certainly a possible topic when the Emperor appears in a reading.

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