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3 - The Empress

A woman, usually light haired, sits or stands in the midst of a fertile field of plenty. She is usually very feminine, and sometimes pregnant. Holding a staff, there is often the symbol for Venus (the "female" symbol) near her. Her gown may have pomegranates represented in the fabric, and in this case, they do suggest fertility and plenty.

The Empress is very clearly a card of womanhood, usually maternal in nature. She is nurturing, and patient, and indicates the ability to, or a suggestion one should, pause and nurture one’s idea, plan or path a bit, so that all the elements involved may ripen to fruition. The Empress might symbolize a female in the life of the querent, perhaps a love interest or a maternal figure, or one who stands ready to help and protect while the querent ponders. She may also represent the querent, and may suggest the necessity of taking care of oneself or of others. There are also more difficult sides to the maternal element, including the inclination to smother something or someone, or to over-nurture, and these may be part of the picture when reading The Empress.

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