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9 - The Hermit

A man carrying a staff and a lantern looks out, usually over a barren landscape. Often robed in grey, he appears deep in thought or reflection, and in some depictions, gazes into the light. Perhaps the staff is the Fool’s old staff… could this be the Fool, at a later time in his life? Is the Hermit, who is usually shown in the open, or wandering, still searching? Regardless, the card conveys solitude and pondering.

The Hermit is a card suggesting that the questioner is involved in, or entering a period, in which solitude, reflection, thinking and planning are highlighted. Peace and quiet, eschewing socialization and the opinions of others in order to better hear the inner voice is what is called for. It is possible a decision is pending, or that a creative endeavor is about to ensue, and so the need to look inward is paramount for best outcome, or prime creativity. The Hermit may also indicate a wise teacher or advisor will be coming into the sphere of the querent, to shed some light on an issue or situation. Remember that the Hermit is usually shown out in the world; though he is alone, and protective of his solitude, he is not locked away from the world. Instead, he is searching, pondering and formulating for the next phase. Of course, a reversed Hermit, or one surrounded by cards suggesting avoidance of this state, can mean that too much solitude has been undertaken, and a return to the world is in order.

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