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10 - The Wheel of Fortune

This card can be shown with a variety of images, but most often, the Wheel is a center point. The Wheel itself is round, of course, and sometimes has letters (TARO) inscribed on it, along with other symbols. A sphinx and a demon sometimes guard it, and on some decks, it is flanked on four sides with creatures depicting the elements. In others, it may show a person holding the Wheel, or the Wheel as some other round or wheel-like object. A great deal of variety can be found for the Wheel of Fortune, depending on the deck.

The Wheel’s meaning, however, is fairly consistent- there is random chance and good luck acting in the querent’s favor. The wheel is a complete circle, and also suggests "what goes around, comes around". Whether because of good karma, good planning, or perhaps just good luck, the Wheel upright suggests that what is desired will come to pass. The card generally indicates good news and good fortune, though a reversed Wheel can indicate too great a reliance on luck or fortune, or a downturn coming in life’s ups and downs. Most often, though, the Wheel is a harbinger of the positive.

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