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1- The Magician

The Magician usually comes after The Fool, and shows a person, usually male, interacting with the four suits found within the Minor Arcana of the deck (Cups, Swords, Pentacles and Rods or Wands). He often has one hand raised to the sky, while the other is directed downwards. The symbol for Infinity is often seen on the Magician card.

My interpretation of The Magician is generally related to the ability to draw energy, inspiration, or other “divine” products from the environment. He also tends to symbolize the ability to manifest, or ask what you want of the universe, and then receive it (if all other elements in play are supportive). The Magician can also connote a person in one’s life who is able to make things happen, however, there is a cautionary note to be sure the person is a true Magician and not a trickster or con man. The Magician is also about new ideas and innovations, or information that the querent had in mind all along, but was unable to access. The Magician is a powerful card indicating big things to come. Reversal of this card can indicate a blockage in using one’s power, or a hindrance of forward progress.

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