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2 - The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a mysterious lady, standing or seated between two pillars (usually one is black and the other white). She is most often robed, with a crescent moon near her, holding scrolls with writing on them. There is often a veil or curtain behind her decorated with pomegranates, the fruit of fertility (but in this case, the suggestion is more of Persephone, who after consuming the seeds, was able to travel from Hades and back)

When the High Priestess comes up in a reading, she suggests hidden knowledge, or information that is not readily apparent at this time. Often, too, she indicates a need for intuition, and a pause in progress to stop and consider alternatives. Making a good decision is a combination of facts in evidence, inference from information that is not as clear, and intuition regarding the situation and circumstance. The High Priestess suggests that one might pause, and ponder carefully before deciding. Occasionally, the High Priestess represents the querent, particularly if surrounded by strong cards advising one path or another. She can also stand for a woman in the life of the querent, someone who is intelligent and spiritual, perhaps a teacher, advisor or even a psychic or medium, with information to offer if asked. Finally, the card might suggest the need for intuition and/or being attentive to the spiritual side.

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