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17 - The Star

A woman, usually nude, is surrounded by either 6 or 7 stars, at least one of which is usually 8 pointed. Generally the female figure is standing or kneeling by a body of water, and is pouring water from two chalices or pitchers, one into the lake, and one onto the ground. In some cases, she has one foot on land, and one in the water, similar to Temperance. Often, the land around the lake is green and growing. The scene is serene.

The appearance of the Star in a reading suggests that what is desired is out there, but in the future. Ruled by Aquarius, this card offers no guarantees. There will be no huge revelation, no major transformation, but there is hope and help and the future is looking bright. The Star is a guiding star, portending good things to come, but only if we hold course, continue to grow, and do the work. The Star promises help on our journey- aid and comfort and peace, so that we can heal from the traumas of the past, and move forward. We must be willing to wait and persevere, and if we change course, or get tired of the journey, the desired outcome may not be achieved. But if we stay true and move forward, like a beckoning star, there will be light for the path.

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