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21 - The World

In the center of the card, there is usually some kind of circle, often of leaves or plants. In the circle, there is a dancer, usually female. She is often draped, and can hold wands in both hands. In the four corners of the card, there is a human figure, an eagle, a bull and a Lion. These represent the four fixed Zodiac signs- Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo, and the four suits on the tarot, and the four corners of the earth.

The World usually suggests completion, and the achievement of a goal or the end of a plan, cycle or project. It is time to celebrate, because the outcome is a good one, and success has arrived or is nigh. The World can also, however, mean the distraction of having too big a scope- depending on other cards, it could be a suggestion to narrow the focus and take care of details, before worrying about the big picture. Finally, the World can indicate movement from apprentice to Master, or from student to teacher, an achievement of knowledge and expertise through hard work and study.

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