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20 - Judgement

There are some variations to this card, but in most cases, an angel is blowing a trumpet from on high, above an area that includes both ground and ocean. From the ground, crypts/graves are open, and those inside them are rising, usually with arms spread, to embrace their rejuvenation. There are usually clouds present in the blue sky, and the figures are male, female, with some smaller, more child-sized.

Judgement, like Death, can be about a rebirth. But unlike Death, which is a rebirth that happens regardless of your wishes and is forced upon you, Judgement can also be the willing relinquishing of an old, outmoded situation, relationship, job, behavior or choice, for something new and different. Judgement also advises that the querent may need to forgive himself or herself for something done in the past, or some choice made that is now regretted. Facing the past, understanding that it is over, forgiving ourself, and moving on, are all parts of the message of the Judgement card. Depending on surrounding cards, Judgement can also suggest that the querent is being judged, or evaluated, by someone for a specific purpose. Whichever meaning is most apt, Judgement has a very strong message to convey.

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