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19 - The Sun

The Sun shines brightly, usually over a small, naked child riding a horse. Bright, sunny yellow flowers bloom on most versions of the card, and things are bright and happy. The Sunís rays shine down, and the glowing orb looks serenely upon the landscape. The Sun in a spread usually indicates that things are looking brighter, better and, yes, sunny! This card can indicate that glory is imminent or that the light of truth is coming to banish the darkness of confusion. The Sun also represents the clear, rational light of day (as opposed to the mysterious, sometimes unconscious revelations of the Moon). The Sun suggests that the querent will be brilliant or warm and may indicate the thawing of a situation using oneís personal radiance to make it so. Finally if the Sun seems to suggest a person, that person is a rational and warm person. However, the Sun can cause harm or damage if taken to excess, so depending on the other cards, it could be a caution to be sure that everything is as good as it seems, and that you are not ignoring any dark spots.

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